Treatments and Services

Oral Health Assessments: Consists of a thorough medical and dental history, vitals of blood pressure and pulse, oral cancer screening, examination of the head, neck, teeth and tissues surrounding to determine the condition of your oral health.
Scaling and Root Planing: Far more than "just a cleaning". The complexity of removing plaque and tartar(calculus) from all teeth with hand instruments to effectively remove pathogens from the mouth and prevent disease.
Stain Removal: Polish of stubborn surface stains for a smooth, clean finish and prevents plaque from adhering to the tooth as quickly.
In-Studio Whitening: Achieve a youthful and brighter smile with our Wicked White System. Complimentary assessment available to discuss if you are a candidate for whitening. Not recommended for clients under age 16 or pregnant/breastfeeding.
Sealants: A preventative tooth-coloured coating for all those groovy teeth out there. Typically done for kids when the adult molars have erupted to prevent cavities from occurring.
Fluoride: Rinse or Varnish- helps prevent cavities and desensitize teeth from any thermal discomfort. 
Mobile Visits: Services provided for those not able to access The Smile Studio. Ideal for retirement/nursing homes as well as families.

Purchase e-Gift cards to use on any service at The Smile Studio including whitening and regular cleanings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you as my dental hygienist? I am very passionate about my clients. My goal is to ensure access to quality care to achieve optimal oral health. I hope to educate and motivate each client so they have the techniques to maintain their vibrant smiles. 
Where are you located? The Smile Studio is located in Rosedale, just north of Fenelon Falls. The exact address is given upon booking.
Does this mean I no longer see my dentist? No. It is recommended to have an examination and/or x-rays completed by a dentist yearly.  
What if you find a cavity? If I suspect any cavities or other issues, a written referral can be given for you to seek additional assessment/care.
Is The Smile Studio sanitary? YES! All equipment, tools and materials are properly disinfected and sterilized as required by Public Health Ontario and CDHO guidelines and protocols.

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